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Sean Dedalus is the world’s greatest thief.


Long ago, when he was merely the greatest pirate of the Mediterranean, he discovered a secret. We all die... and we all come back, again and again. Most of us do not remember our past lives. Sean Dedalus can’t forget his.


When someone from his distant past interferes with his latest high-profile theft, suddenly everybody wants Sean Dedalus dead... again. 

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Author Q&A w/ Stephen T. Harper

Novel Endeavor Books:  Tell us about Corsair.  Is this the sequel to King’s X?


STH:  Sequel?  No.  Not exactly.  The next major story arc for King’s X is being written now.  Corsair is related, but different.


NEB:  People want more King’s X.


STH:  Trust me, so do I.  It’s coming.  Wendell Book and Molly will be back and their story gets even bigger and better.  The possibilities of King’s X are endless, and the plan has always been to let the story open, and open, and open some more.  The next book is knocking my socks off.  I can’t wait to get it out to the world.  Stay tuned.  All will be revealed, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.


NEB:  Okay.  Then what’s Corsair?  What do you mean “related but different?”  


STH:  Part of the fun of a King’s X story is that for any character, love them or hate them, a completely new life awaits at some point.  Villains can become heroes, lovers may become enemies, ‘having it all’ can turn to having nothing… karma can be a bitch or a blessing for us all.  All proper King’s X sequels will feature the dueling storyline structure with modern characters intimately linked to a separate group of characters in another historical era.  But King’s X was so complex an undertaking, not every character from the Crusades story appeared again in the modern arc… including some real favorites.  Corsair fixes that issue.  


NEB:  Ah.  So it’s a spin-off?  A King’s X character is getting his own series?


STH:  Yes. 


NEB:  Which character?  Who is it? 


STH:  No spoilers.  


NEB:  Right.  So, King’s X can follow characters anywhere in history.  When does Corsair take place?


STH:  It all takes place in only one modern timeline.  Current day.  So it a little less complex than a normal King’s X story, and has a little bit of a lighter tone.


NEB:  Lighter tone?


STH:  A little.  It’s really a function of the characters.  Wendell Book and the Broussard brothers are brooding folk.  Corsair is a fast-paced espionage-thriller about an international criminal with a very active social life named Sean Dedalus.  The story has nothing to do with reincarnation (as far as you know) and has nothing to do with Wendell Book or Molly.  It can be read on its own without knowing anything at all about King’s X.  But… fans of King’s X will see many hints in the story about the true identity of Sean Dedalus.  Corsair is just the tip of an iceberg.  He has a much bigger story awaiting him.


NEB:  Will the characters overlap eventually?


STH:  Absolutely.  Wendell Book, Molly, the Shepherds, etc… they exist somewhere in the world of Sean Dedalus, they just don’t show up in this book.  They will in the future.  But not yet.


NEB: So there is a bigger story planned out?  


STH:    Yes.  Big.  The idea for King’s X has always been that the modern story line will eventually catch up to us.  The first story took place in 1968 because some of the characters who died will be coming back.  So the second will be in the 80’s.  And the third will be closer to real time.  When that happens, Corsair’s place within King’s X will be clear.  Until then… it’s a completely separate story. 




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