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Wendell Book is a vice cop in Los Angeles...


To him, Molly is just another runaway teenager with a crazy story. Something about a past life when she first encountered the cause of all her problems, a mysterious object she calls "the King's X."


All he knows for sure is that there is a killer on her trail, a mysterious man she calls a "Shepherd," and he's leaving bodies in his wake.


For Molly, Detective Book is the final clue to her riddle, and her only chance to survive long enough to solve it - the King's X is hidden somewhere in Los Angeles, right where she left it, long before she was even born.

A.D. 1968 

In the dying days of the Crusades...


A beautiful slave-girl finds herself trapped between two cultures and two very dangerous men - a brutal Templar knight, and a clever Moorish pirate.


Together they must flee the blood-soaked Holy Land into unmapped Ethiopia in search of a great secret.


Behind, a sinister man some call a "Shepherd" hounds their every step to protect that secret.


Ahead, the King's X, and the truth it will reveal.

A.D. 1296


Long Ago, the King's X was stolen from its makers.

The Thieves are still hunted to this day 


From lifetime to lifetime, epoch to epoch they flee

to protect their treasure, and the great secret it reveals


From lifetime to lifetime the Shepherds pursue

to retrieve what was lost  

to keep hidden the forbidden truth 


Death is an illusion. 


We all come back, again and again.


Among us, only the Thieves remember their past


All that you are, all that you have ever been, 

the King’s X will reveal…

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