I just thought you should see this... It might be important. 




Below is the larger quote from Plato's "The Criteas."  This is an incomplete work, the famous one where Plato begins the re-telling of the story of Atlantis.  This is where most of today's Atlantean lore actually comes from.  Curiously, the work, and the discussion of...


Who remembers the truth?  How long have they known?  How long have they kept the secret hidden?  


How long have they ruled from shadow? 




I'm going to talk a lot about the concept of reincarnation on this blog. I just want you to know up front, I’m not trying to sell you a religion or a religious product of any kind, or anybody’s system of belief.


I write a fictional adventure series based on this premi...

This is where the word "lethargy" comes from.  The souls of the dead, in preparation to return to life in a new body, must drink from the river Lethe.  And so they are made to forget:  


All they had learned, all of their passions, all they had worked and suff...


“We’ve invented a sin for which there is no name.  We steal the future from our children.” Terence McKenna


The idea of Reincarnation allows for a tremendous amount of justice. What if, for example, instead of turning the Gulf of Mexico into toxic sludge to leave for o...

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1001 Reasons to Think You've Lived Before...

Reincarnation in King’s X

January 27, 2015

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