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Reincarnation in King’s X


I'm going to talk a lot about the concept of reincarnation on this blog. I just want you to know up front, I’m not trying to sell you a religion or a religious product of any kind, or anybody’s system of belief.

I write a fictional adventure series based on this premise: That reincarnation is the way it works. That's the answer to the question "what happens when we die?" We all come back.

But, for some reason, a mystery that plays out over the course of the series, we are all made to forget.


“King’s X” is an epic story about a few souls among us who are different. They don't forget. They wish they could because what they remember, what they know about the world we all live in, is terrifying. They'd give anything not to know the truth. But unlike in "The Matrix, they are not livingin a computer program. They are remembering reality. There is no 'blue pill.'

Writing these stories requires research - There's a lot of history, alternative history, and philosophy in King;s X. Hopefully, what you’ll get here is a byproduct of all that research. It’s stuff I found fascinating which may or may not have made it into the world of King’s X. And it’s nothing more.

Reincarnation in King's X:

Imagine that you could remember your past lifetimes in detail. Not in the kind of detail you get with hypnosis "therapy" or a psychic trance... I mean seeing your past with the detail of conscious memory, remembering other lifetimes as clearly as you remember high school.

If you could carry over what you learn from even one lifetime, imagine how much wiser you would be, even as a child. Recall everything you'd read, everything you'd written, everything you'd built, and the secrets to everything you'd hidden. How many lifetimes would it take before you were another Da Vinci? Three? Four? How many lifetimes past that before you'd be more like Obiwan Kenobi, Yoda, Gandalf... or Merlin?

Maybe this is what true genius really is. Maybe genius is simply a little taste of memory bleeding through to a new life. Maybe Mozart could write full operas as a child because music wasn't new to him at all?. Maybe Isaac Newton saw further than most because he'd seen it all before.

The question is "why?"

Why must we forget everything that happened in the past and start over each time?

The answer, of course, is because someone doesn't want us to.

Someone who does remember... everything. For unimagined years.

The existence of that person, or perhaps group of people, would explain a lot about the state of the world we live in. About our own seeming inability to do anything about it.

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